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113,05 EUR*
Details The Price of Water - 2nd Edition: Studies in Water Resource Economics and Management

The Second Edition of The Price of Water expands on the coverage of the first edition and ambitiously develops the theme of the proper management of river basins, both with respect to the control of rivers' water quality and the defence of their ...

28,76 EUR*
Details Realistic Strategies for Real Estate Investing: Embrace These Ideas and Concepts to Insure Your Success in Today's Real Estate Environment

Realistic Strategies for Real Estate Investing Finally, some practical information on what happens after the property has been acquired. Some of the topics covered: [ Cash Flows in Both Directions [ Real Truth Behind No Money Down Deals [ Realities of ...

70,48 EUR*
Details Property Investment Appraisal

This book explains the process of property investment appraisal - estimating both the most likely selling price (market value) and the worth of property investments to individual or groups of investors (investment value). Valuations are important ...

252,30 EUR*
Details Bifurcations in Flow Patterns: Some Applications of the Qualitative Theory of Differential Equations in Fluid Dynamics (Nonlinear Topics in the Mathematical Sciences)

The main idea of the present study is to demonstrate that the qualitative theory of diffe- rential equations, when applied to problems in fluid-and gasdynamics, will contribute to the understanding of qualitative aspects of fluid flows, in particular ...

169,00 EUR*
Details Riedel Ouverture Magnum Red Wine Glass, Set of 6 plus 2 Bonus Glasses, Garden, Haus, Garten, Rasen, Wartung

Perfect for everyday use and an amazing value at 8 glasses for the price of 6, the eight extra-large red-wine glasses in this set are part of the moderately priced Ouverture series offered by world-renowned wineglass maker Riedel Crystal. Made of lead ...

97,55 EUR*
Details A Year on the Wye [DVD] [UK Import]

A DVD tour down the River Wye, main feature lasting 62 minutes. You can see information and view excerpts from the DVD at: Take a trip down the River Wye. Start early in the year in the Plynlimon Hills. Follow the Wye ...

212,59 EUR*
Details Optimization of Industrial Unit Processes, Second Edition

In Optimization of Industrial Unit Processes, the term "optimization" means the maximizing of productivity and safety while minimizing operating costs. In a fully optimized plant, efficiency and productivity are continuously maximized while levels ...

33,73 EUR*
Details The Logic of Discipline: Global Capitalism and the Architecture of Government

The era of economic liberalization, spanning 1978 to 2008, is often regarded as a period in which government was simply dismantled. In fact, government was reconstructed to meet the needs of a globalized economy. Central banking, fiscal control, tax ...

15,28 EUR*
Details Bayonetta [UK Import]

From the creators of Devil May Cry and Resident Evil comes the free flowing over-the-top action, extravagant weapons, demonic hair and savage grace of Bayonetta. Play as Bayonetta, a witch with powers beyond the comprehension of us mere mortals and ...

40,99 EUR*
Details MSI Value VR602, MSI Value VR610, MSI Value VR610-24, MSI Value VR610-25, MSI Value VR630 kompatibles Netzteil/Ladegerät (Gleichstrom) fürs Auto

Dieses Ersatz-Netzteil/Ladegerät für ihren Laptop erlaubt es ihnen, ihr Notebook über den Zigarettenanzünder ihres Autos zu betreiben und den Akku aufzuladen. Wenn Sie ihren Computer über das Netzteil betreiben, wird der Akku aufgeladen und behält ...

42,89 EUR*
Details Values in Education and Education in Values

Values in Education and Education in Values This work provides an analysis of how schools can influence the developing values of young people. The authors first examine, from the perspective of educationalists and policy makers, values within ...

97,12 EUR*
Details Druckkopf - für Lexmark Pro715, Pro915, Value Ink Prevail Pro709, Value Ink Prospect Pro209, 14N1339

1, für Lexmark Value Ink Interpret S409, Value Ink Prevail Pro709, Value Ink Prospect Pro209

7,45 EUR*
Details Value USB OcUK 2-160-OcUK Value USB 2.0 Micro Kabel

Value USB OcUK 2-160-OcUK Value USB 2.0 Micro Kabel

57,99 EUR*
Details Recognizing Public Value

Recognizing Public Value Moore's classic Creating Public Value offered advice to managers about how to create public value, but left unresolved the question how one could recognize when public value had been created. Here, he closes the gap by helping ...

17,99 EUR*
Details Sunkee50 Value 1206 SMD Resistor Kit (0R~10MR) 5% 1/4W 0.25W 50 Value * 25pcs =1250pcs

50 values ranging from 0R to 10M ±5% nearly all series, 25 pcs/value, 50x25=1250 pcs in all package is 1206 (3.2x1.6mm) Wattage: 1/4W

133,93 EUR*
Details Is Science Value Free?: Values and Scientific Understanding (Philosophical Issues in Science)

Is Science Value Free? Hugh Lacey discusses how science and values interact, with a focus on a discussion of development, and science's place in development, particularly in third world countries. Full description

50,28 EUR*
Details Values Of German Media Users

Values of German media users, 1986-2007 Values have been discussed in connection to the changes brought to the German TV landscape since the introduction of the dual system in 1984. Yet, on such occurrences arguments have rarely, if at all, been based ...

90,37 EUR*
Details LC127XLVALBP - Ink Cartridge - Value Pack - LC127XLVALBP Ink Cartridge - 4 Colour Value Pack (Black Yellow Cyan Magenta) - Up to 1200 pages.

Brother LC127XLVALBP - Ink Cartridge - Value Pack - LC127XLVALBP Ink Cartridge - 4 Colour Value Pack (Black Yellow Cyan Magenta) - Up to 1200 pages.

114,03 EUR*
Details LC125XLRBWBP - LC125XL Ink Cartridge - Value Pack - LC125XL Ink Cartridge - 3 colour Value Pack (Yellow Cyan Magenta) - Up to 1200 pages.

Brother LC125XLRBWBP - LC125XL Ink Cartridge - Value Pack - LC125XL Ink Cartridge - 3 colour Value Pack (Yellow Cyan Magenta) - Up to 1200 pages.

184,40 EUR*
Details Dynamics of Values in Fertility Change ( I.S.D.) (International Studies in Demography)

The global transformation in the number of children women bear has been one of the most remarkable changes in social behaviour in the twentieth century. The search for explanations of the causes in childbearing behaviour, and particularly in the ...

24,90 EUR*
Details Netzteil für MSI Value M610 Value M620 Value M670 Notebook Laptop Ladegerät Aufladegerät, Charger, AC Adapter, Stromversorgung kompatibles Ersatz (12 Monate Garantie, einschließlich kostenlosem EU-Netzkabel) - "Laptop Power" gebrandmarkt

Brandneues Laptop-Ladegerät mit 12 Monaten Garantie - "Laptop Power" (TM) Gebrandmarkt Technische Spezifikationen: 19V 4,74A EU-Netzkabel mit jedem Laptop-Ladegerät gratis EAN: 5055470995658

57,33 EUR*
Details The Value of Learning: How Organizations Capture Value and ROI and Translate It into Support, Improvement, and Funds

The Value of Learning Presented in an easy to read format, The Value of Learning shows learning and development specialists how to capture six types of data to demonstrate the value from learning and development. Concepts that are used are not only ...

23,09 EUR*
Details Conscious Business: How to Build Value Through Values

Seiten: 325, Ausgabe: Annotated, Gebundene Ausgabe, Sounds True Inc

28,65 EUR*
Details On Value and Values

Ausgabe: 1, Taschenbuch, Financial Times Prentice Hall

23,11 EUR*
Details Occupied Japan Collectibles: Identification & Value Guide: Id and Value Guide

Seiten: 272, Ausgabe: 3r.e. of "The Collector's Encyclopaedia of Occupied Japan", Gebundene Ausgabe, Collector Bks.,U.S.

39,74 EUR*
Details Disability: Definition, Value And Identity: Definitions, Value and Identity

Seiten: 168, Ausgabe: 1st New edition, Taschenbuch, Radcliffe Publishing Ltd